Courses Taught (sole responsibility):

FYS 100 - First Year Seminar: Critical Thinking (Spring 2021)

This course teaches information literacy, integrative thinking, intercultural thinking, inquiry based thinking, and metacognitive thinking skills through the lens of digital archives and explores physical objects, physical archives, digital objects, digital archives, and future potentialities for archives that go beyond the traditional physical/digital divide.

Course materials, including the syllabus, in-class activities, and assignment prompts can be found on the FYS Omeka site.

Data Consultations:

Coding for the Digital Humanities

Provided students with consultations on  ethically sourcing data and web scraping with Python to create corporae.

Guest Course Sessions Taught:

I have taught primary source and archival literacies in studio art, history (all periods, notably the history of mental health and West Virginia history), first year seminar,and digital humanities courses.

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