Commonplace Book Entry #1 Assignment

For this assignment, students create a small book using a pamphlet stitch and collect quotes, ephemera, and other commonplace book-appropriate material on the topic of their personal feelings and experiences in higher education.

Physical Primary Source Analysis Assignment

Students examine a physical primary source to gain experience with examining objects as sources of evidence.

Exhibit Label Assignment

To practice for the final project, a digital exhibit, students consider ways to present primary sources to an audience of their choice.

Digital Exhibit Project Assignment

The final project for the course is an exhibit of eight objects (physical or digital) and introductory and conclusion text on the topic, story, or subject of the student's choice. It is worked on throughout the bulk of the semester.

Digital Primary Source Analysis Assignment

Building on the Physical Primary Source Analysis completed earlier in the semester, students consider the differences in how born digital or digitized sources may be understood and used for historical inquiry. 

Commonplace Book Entry #2 Assignment

Complementing the earlier commonplace book assignment that took the form of a physical book, this assignment asks students to create a set of digital commonplace book entries on their changing understanding of the information ecosystem and their use and understanding of archival materials (digital and physical) . Students are encouraged to use the affordances of a digital format to include diverse types of media.

Digital Exhibit Presentation Assignment

Reflection is often a neglected stage of project completion for early stage undergraduate students. In this assignment, students reflect on their final project and the choices they made throughout the process of creation.

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